• 98% of patients agreed the Praluent® pre-filled pen was easy to use1*

    All patients agreed that learning to use the Praluent® pre-filled pen is easy because all the parts are clearly labeled and colour-coded1

    • Self-injected or caregiver administered2
    • Same device available in two dosing strengths (75 mg and 150 mg)2
    Praluent® pre-filled pen

    Adapted from Roth et al. 2015 and Praluent® SmPC.1,2

    Up to 30 days out of the fridge2

    • Store in a refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). Do not freeze
    • Praluent® can be kept outside a refrigerator below 25°C and protected from light for a single period not exceeding 30 days
    • After removal from the refrigerator, the medicinal product must be used within 30 days or discarded

    Although many patients requiring lipid lowering therapies are not experienced with self-injected medication, a real-world clinical study has demonstrated that the pre-filled pen device is well-accepted by patients and healthcare practitioners1

    95% were confident in their ability to self-inject


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    *Evaluated in a cross-sectional, non-interventional study involving 151 patients enrolled in Praluent® phase 3 trials.
    **Evaluated in a cross-sectional, non-interventional study involving 400 patients enrolled in Praluent® phase 3 trials. The I-TAQ data is a 22-item, self-administered questionnaire, developed as a measure of injection-treatment acceptance for use in patients who inject their medications via subcutaneous injections.
    I-TAQ=injection-treatment acceptance questionnaire; PIL=patient information leaflet; SmPC=summary of product characteristics.

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