• In patients with a prior CV event who needed more additional lipid-lowering, the 75 mg Praluent® dose was used 78% of the time in the ODYSSEY OUTCOMES study1

    Customised treatment with Praluent®

    Dosage information

    The dose of Praluent® can be individualised based on patient characteristics such as baseline LDL-C level, goal of therapy, and response. Lipid levels can be assessed 4 to 8 weeks after treatment initiation or titration, and dose adjusted accordingly (up-titration or down-titration). If additional LDL-C reduction is needed in patients treated with 75 mg Q2W or 300 mg once Q4W (monthly), the dosage may be adjusted to the maximum dosage of 150 mg Q2W.

    If a dose is missed, the patient should administer the injection as soon as possible and thereafter resume treatment on the original schedule.


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    CV=cardiovascular; LDL-C=low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; Q2W=once every two weeks; Q4W=once every four weeks.

    1. Praluent Summary of Product Characteristics. Available at https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/medicine/30956. Accessed December 2020.