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Last update: July 2019


Praluent Pen

The usual starting dose for Praluent is 75 mg administered subcutaneously once every 2 weeks. Patients requiring larger LDL-C reduction (>60%) may be started on 150 mg once every 2 weeks, or 300 mg once every 4 weeks (monthly), administered subcutaneously.
Latex free1


Time out of fridge1
Up to 30 days kept below 25oC and protected from light for a single period not exceeding 30 days. Praluent should be stored in a refrigerator (2oC to 8oC) and should not be frozen.


Self or care-giver administered1
98% of patients agreed the Praluent pen was easy to use2


Safe disposal
Sharps bins provided and managed by Homecare provider and MyPraluent Coach nurse

Patients (n = 200) agreed that the Praluent pen device was easy to use because the parts are clearly labelled and colour-coded (Figure 1)2

Although many patients requiring lipid lowering therapies are not experienced with self-injected medication, a real-world clinical study has demonstrated that the pre-filled pen device is well accepted by patients and healthcare practitioners2.

Figure 1. The Praluent pre-filled pen

Praluent Device Aid

Praluent Injection video

Watch this video to see how patients should inject themselves with the Praluent Pen